From our family, to yours.

The Vietorisz family would like to thank you for your presence. We are so happy to share this moment and journey with you! Thank you for supporting our small business.

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Shawn and Olivia met in the summer of 2019 and have been making magic together ever since. They have two children and three fur babies. 

Shawn is a Canadian artisan born and raised on the traditional Algonquin territory (Gatineau, Quebec). Shawn has always loved creating art, but he began working creatively with wood in his early 20’s. He loves the diversity of wood (colour, grain, density, etc). His favourite part of working with wood is bringing life to the element by enhancing it’s impressive natural features. 

Olivia is Shawn’s biggest fan. She works to support his artistry by engaging with the administrative functions of this family lifestyle business.


    We create minimalistic and artistically designed handmade pieces to elevate your style & space. Our goal is to support our soul family in connecting with themselves, the natural elements, and this community. Let’s reconnect. 


Sustainably and ethically sourced materials 

Locally sourced materials (except for exotic woods which are purchased from a local distributor)

Committed to the use of recycled materials 

We believe in creating pieces of art with the natural element of wood